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Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: Jaws-Gruden

From: Kenny King
To: Drew Magary

I sure am glad your column is optional as well. Your profanity and words or hatred, and taking the Lord’s name in vain is disgusting. How old are you - 10? grow up and write something profound and adult.


Subject: Ron Jaworski Gets Booted From MNF Article

From: Scot Skinner
To: Drew Magary

Is it not possible to write an article without using every curse word you learned in the 4th grade? I bet you mom and grandmother are really proud of what a gentleman you are. NOT.


Subject: [No subject]

From: Bob Haggard
To: Drew Magary

Your mouth is horrible. I thought you had some intelligence until I read the phrases you wrote. God help you.

Subject: Soccer

From: Patrick Kimberlin
To: Tim Burke

Hey dickhole, I’m glad you think it’s cool to care about soccer. Just like it’s cool to care about gay marriage and other socialist bullshit. Soccer isn’t a sport and that is a fact. Don’t let it headline on Deadspin. If you do, I will be forced to take matters into my own hands. Nobody wants that.


Subject: Hope you understand how hurtful this kind of writing could be, especially from the professional writer.

From: Angel Chu
To: Tim Burke

[Ed. note: no text]

From: Tim Burke
To: Angel Chu

I’m sorry, you’re going to have to provide some context here.

From: Angel Chu
To: Tim Burke

Oh., I thought this email went to the Foxsport reporter where I read the insulting , mean writing of Jeremy Lin. (Whitelock).
this may have gone to the wrong email. Sorry!


Subject: Robinson video

From: Phyllis Hunter
To: Tim Burke

I am not sure what was newsworthy or supposedly funny about this video, but I do not understand why you felt to refer to the woman who stood up as “an old woman”. Does making an issue of a woman’s age make you feel better. Ask yourself this, if that had been a man of probably only around 55, would you have referred to him as “old”? I doubt it very much. Lame and bigoted. If Robinson is 7'1", why didn’t he just stand up. Very lame.

An old woman who could run circle around you

Sent from my iPad

Subject: Irony

From: Stephen Deem
To: Barry Petchesky

You are mocking him for pre Madonnas, while you say all intensive purposes. It should be all intents and purposes. Glass house?

Stephen Deem

Senior Consultant

Subject: grammar.

From: David Cohen
To: Barry Petchesky

“…for all intents and purposes”


“for all intensive purposes”

Subject: [No subject]

From: Erik Shilling
To: Barry Petchesky

“Coe has backed off his threat to leave Iowa, saying he was just working through some angst, so for all intensive purposes this story is over.”

Not sure if “for all intensive purposes” is part of the garbled idiom in joke, but, if so, well done. If not, this is the part where I go cranky high school English teacher and point out that actual cliche is “for all intents and purposes.” But you knew that!


Subject: Former Iowa Commit Argues With Fans, Calls Out “Pre Madonnas”

From: Spencer Bryan
To: Barry Petchesky

Hello Barry,

I’m a student who loves Deadspin, and noticed something in the article I thought you might like to know. In this article, “For all intensive purposes” isn’t the phrase you were looking for, as the proper wording is “For all intents and purposes.”

- A fan

Subject: Sunshine Patriot

From:Cameron David Herrington
To: Barry Petchesky

Read your thoughts on Chad’s alleged post-Super Bowl good mood.

What a nauseatingly sanctimonious post. It’s higher-than-thou horse shit posts like that that ruin the credibility of Deadspin and the (few) reasoned commentaries or investigative articles the site does post.

Sunshine Patriot is the type of TMZ, bush league garbage that has become a disturbingly large portion of Deadspin’s posts. I read Deadspin partly for the Funbag, DHF’s, and gossipy articles, but spare me your idiot, sports nerd blogger opinions on what constitutes proper mental attitudes of a player. People read Deadspin for the juicy information and hilarious high school brawl videos, not the opinion of some hack “writer” who’s never played pro football and lost a Super Bowl.

Ochocinco posts one lousy picture on his frequently updated Twitter profile and you think you have clue about how appropriately (in your nonexpert opinion) he is feeling/behaving after a game? Get a fucking life. I don’t know how athletes respond to losing important games, but any half-wit knows a twitter photo update by one doesn’t shed light on that.

If your opinion isn’t worth reading, stick with reporting just the information. And don’t give us the information if it requires a pathetic, self-satisfied, and irrelevant opinion to get posted.

If you took your job as seriously as your post implies you take Ochocinco’s attitude -that is, with at least a modicum of attention- you wouldn’t have made that post. I’ll never get those 5 seconds of my life back.

Keep that shit offline.

You suck,
Cameron Herrington

From: Barry Petchesky
To: Cameron David Harrington

It’s a joke.

From: Cameron David Harrington
To: Barry Petchesky

Fair enough.

Subject: Your Jerry Sandusky story has been hacked

From: EricQRK22@aol
To: Dom Cosentino


Someone hacked your story...


Subject: Story

From: Alan Helgerson
To: Dom Cosentino

Is the profanity in your story on Sandusky intended or a joke played on you by others? Please read your story. This is inappropriate.


Subject: Filthy Words

From: SKIDGARD080@aol
To: Dom Cosentino

If you can’t write an editorial like the one under the video, ( THE ONE WITHOUT THE SPACES BETWEEN THE WORDS ) you better quit before there’s a REAL law suit there. I don’t know who wrote that slop but there better be a census reading this before it’s put on the screen. Somewhere in your organization there’s a filthy minded scum bag that should be fired !


Subject: just bored, my interpretation of carmelo not sharing

From: Marco Osuna
To: Jack Dickey

What’s up Dickey!
Read your article on Carmelo the other day. I drew this at work today during a boring meeting. My friend Nick dared me draw it while random sales figures were being thrown around by the boss.


Marco Osuna
From Whittier, California.

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