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Real Jews Root For The Red Sox

Via Bar Stool Sports — and we're slightly late on this — we learn that American Jewish Life Magazine (not edited by David Hirshey) makes the solid case that all Jews should love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees.

How can a Jew not root for a team that put Denis Leary in the booth to cheer on Kevin Youkilis on the field? How can a team that claimed an historic championship after an 86-year-drought due in large part to the genius of Jewish general manager and boy wonder Theo Epstein not swell the hearts of Jewish sports fans? What isn't to love about the team that put a Jewish linguist from Princeton behind home plate? The Red Sox have the largest number of Jews on their roster. Can the Yankees beat that? Could they ever?


We are not going to ask Gary Sheffield what he thinks of all this.

Why Every American Jew Should Love the Boston Red Sox and Hate the New York Yankees, the Annotated Edition [American Jewish Life] (Via Barstool Sports)

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