MLB is breaking out pink bats again in honor of Mother's Day and to support breast cancer awareness. To promote early screening, doctors will be giving a lifetime of free mammograms to Arod and Manny.

Here's a look at some of the goings on around baseball:

• Phil Hughes did his part in helping the Yankees suck by making it through just over one inning and giving up 8 runs to the Orioles before being replaced by New York's spectacular bullpen. Miraculously, the Yanks only lost 12-5.

• The amazing Zack Greinke was handed his first loss of the season by the Angels in a 1-0 LA win. Despite the loss, Greinke still pitched a four hit, one run complete game. Way to underachieve, kid.

• Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau hit back-to-back homeruns two nights in a row, a fact that does not please Mauer.
""I hit a home run, it doesn't happen a whole lot," Mauer said. "Then he's got to go back and show everybody that he can do it too." To which Morneau replied "Na na na na naa naa" and stuck his tongue out.


It's all about the moms today, so expect a lot of emotional ceremonies and junk. Today's Mother of the Year award sponsored by Joba Chamberlain.