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Really Old Guy Doesn't Like Drama Queen Cheaters, So He Doesn't Like Derek Jeter

When Derek Jeter stole first pretending he'd been hit by a pitch, 87-year-old baseball-card-store "volunteer" Al Merrill didn't just get mad. He cost himself about a hundred bucks.

Al opened his alphabetized box of rookie cards, leafed to the J's and found one of his rarest: a Derek Jeter rookie, 1993 Upper Deck SP foil run No. 279. In it, Jeter is fielding a ball, looking so young and innocent, a golden arc stamped above his clean-white Yankees pinstripes.

Al picked up his scissors.

As card collectors go, Al is a purist - he's never cut one and never sold one ... But he had rarely felt this angry before. He slipped Jeter from his protective sleeve, held Jeter in his hands and, like a spurned lover, snipped Jeter into eight jagged pieces. Still seething, he walked into the bathroom, wrapped Jeter in toilet paper and flushed Jeter out of his life. []


Jeter is said to be quite distraught over the whole thing.


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