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Illustration for article titled Receiver Donte Stallworth Mows Down, Kills Miami Beach Man

Former Saint/Eagle/Patriot and current Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth has reportedly ran over and killed a pedestrian in Miami Beach early this morning.


Police say Stallworth, driving in his Bentley, "hit a man crossing the busy causeway that links downtown Miami with Miami Beach". As a formality, the Miami PD took blood and are testing Stallworth for drugs and booze. He hasn't officially been charged with anything and police say it's unclear if he was breaking any traffic laws.

But... what are the chances that Stallworth was taking a leisurely drive through Miami Beach at 7 a.m. to jump-start his morning, as opposed to driving home half-asleep after a long and festive Friday night? You'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but given his history of substance abuse — or, at least, being enrolled in the NFL's program — makes it appear this incident is not going to end very favorably for Donte.

More details to come later.

Former Pat Questioned In Fatal Accident [MyFox]

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