Reconstructing Patrick Kane's Drunken Weekend In Madison, With Eyewitness Testimony

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On Monday we showed you photos of a soused Patrick Kane in Madison, Wis., and then we asked you if you knew more about what happened while Kane was there. We had heard some bad stories—that Kane supposedly choked a woman, that Kane supposedly said anti-Semitic things—and we wanted to know if other people had, too.


But what, after all, is boozy truth? The chronologies in our Kane tale do not perfectly cohere, nor do the narratives of the events. But you ignore them at your own peril. Did Kane choke a girl? Is he an anti-Semite? Who knows? Dive in.

Friday night:

I live in downtown Madison, and I go to the Kollege Klub (nickname "KK") often. The KK is where a lot of the athletes go to drink/pick up chicks. Especially the hockey players, they are there every Friday/Saturday night. Kane was there Friday night as well.

I was there around 7pm for some afternoon drinking. It wasn't very crowded, but Kane was there. He was sitting on top of the bar in the back corner drinking (very similar to when he visited the Kollege Klub last year and nearly arrived late for the NHL All-Star Game). I then went out to dinner about 2 blocks away, and when I was walking out, I saw Kane, completely wasted, being dragged back to his hotel by two bros. It was roughly 9:45 pm. Basically, Kane was a drunken shitshow all weekend.

So a buddy and I were casually sitting at the same bar you have him passed out in, the Kollege Klub, on Friday and Kane was there with his cronies. He showed up sober but was blacked out an hour later when this picture was taken (attached).


Kane came in at around 9:30 pm and he could barely stand. He got kicked out about 2 hours later for being blackout drunk and generally being the biggest asshole in the bar.

Saturday morning:

The party at Kappa Sig got kicked off around 8am. My friend (coincidentally the largest Kane fan) noticed him from across the back patio and ran over to talk to him etc. I had no clue who he was at the time, and have never seen my friend jersey chase. He is a 6'7" ex badger bball player and typically it was the opposite around Madison.

My friend got numerous pictures taken etc. but I lost interest and wanted to focus on 18 y.o. tail bc that was the reason for returning to my alma mater. Time went by, cops came then left and the party kicked into a higher gear. Kane was getting more and more pics with girls this time once the word got out at how good/famous/hammered he was and "standing right over there OMG!"

Kaner was pulling down girls sun glasses and then going "ehhh, not good enough " just straight being a douche right to their faces. Pretty strong move if you can pull it off.

According to one friend he was 'ridiculous' and was just 'pulling random girls to him' and making out with them.

Here are some photos of him there. (This is not the girl that he choked)


Kane got kicked out of the Kappa Sig party I was at for trying to choke a girl. It took 10 of us to push him and two of his buddies out of the house. He hung around outside and then disappeared into Kappa Kappa Gamma with some hot sorority girls. He was very very drunk. Also, he drinks beer like a girl. He moves his whole arm up to his mouth and sips it.

[Ed.: like this?]


I was at the frat party Pat Kane attended on Saturday afternoon. First off, he wasn't even supposed to be there, he had been hooking up with the frat president's girlfriend, a junior, over the past year, and had even gone so far as to jet her around the country. Despite this, he showed up anyway and proceeded to get blackout drunk. Later, he relentlessly began hitting on a girl who wanted nothing to do with him—his response to this denial, attempt to choke her, which is what ultimately got him booted.

He got the boot from Kappa Sig for choking this girl and then ppl jumped on him and his boys and kicked his ass out. Not that choking is ok, but if i was 23 and had that contract ....

I was at a frat last Saturday where Patrick Kane spent a lot of his day before going to the KK. He was really enjoying himself there and thought he would get a little friendly with a young lady. Kaner thought it would be a good idea to choke a girl, like both hands around the throat choking. She immediately freaked out and started screaming, which drew a lot of attention. He was immediately thrown out by the frat boys and thats when he probably went to the KK, which is right down the street from frat row.

In general, besides the choking, he didn't seem like a terrible guy, and was pretty willing to let people talk to him and take pics.

The same WI lacrosse player in the red tank pushed him over and told him and his friend to leave. Kane got a hand in his face a few times but left willingly. There was some shouting and swearing at each other on the way out through the house, stuff like "you ain't shit!" haha

I have about 10 videos and dozens of photos on my phone of Kane going crazy at Mifflin. Including 1 5 min video where he falls, gets up, chokes a guy out, gets kicked out then fights a couple guys and walks up the stairs saying "you're nothin!". perfect quality.

I love Kane and Hate to do this to him but...make me an offer.

[Ed.: We offered him $12.50. He declined.]

I have a video of Patrick Kane at Kappa Sigma getting kicked out. It is my video and I actually follow him as he's getting kicked out of the house. A fight almost breaks out while a screaming match is going on. I will not accept anything under $5000 for this video.


[Ed.: We also offered him $12.50. He also declined.]

Saturday afternoon:

Kane and bunch of friends came into the Kollege Klub around 12:30 pm and once again he was blackout drunk. This time he passed out on the bar and then in a booth.


That was the picture I got of him... When he walked in I asked him who he thought would win the NYR game (was there with a few other fans).. he was wasted and being a sarcastic dick, could tell he said capitals would win only after looking at my nyr shirt, i asked him what he thought of Henrik Lundqvist and he said sarcastically that hes not that great and hes decent. He was asked by another fan why he was hating on Henrik. Kane asked the Rangers fan if he would suck Henrik's **** and made the motion with his hand at which point i told him there was a reason we (the rangers) were still on TV and he wasn't, he kissed a bottle of beer as if to kiss the stanley cup and i told him to enjoy golfing and left.


[Correction: we originally listed this story as happening at night. It was in the afternoon.]

We kept seeing Kaner's crew (all had the shirts on and same blue hat) at the KK all day. I was there from about 2-5pm. His crew would swing by, get high fives but were relatively well behaved compared to what they were up to at Kappa Sig before.

Later in the day around 5:30 pm he got in a confrontation with a group of guys over a some supposed anti-Semitic comments he made towards one of the other guys. I was working at the door and they were talking to each other in front of me and across the street. I couldn't really hear what was being said but it looked like a fight was going to break out but the cops showed up and threatened to arrest Kane and then he walked away.

After the police intervened, they were very serious about wanting to arrest Kaner. Fortunately for him, the other party in the quarrel was being equally as abusive to the cops. It turned into much more of a "everyone just get out of here" thing instead of anything more substantial. I promise you one thing, Patrick did have tears in his eyes. I wouldn't equate it to a full out sob, but it was absolutely in the whimper/misty category. I have attached a picture of him sulking. He quickly disappeared.


Saturday night:

I was also at the Kollege Klub on Saturday night. I don't know much, but I did see Kaner dragged out by two of his bros before midnight.

I heard he got kicked out of 2 bars on saturday, and also saw a girl ashley that he banged later that night, so hot.