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Red Bull and Vodka Fueled High Jumper To Be Suspended for a Year?

Last week, we brought you the story of Ivan Ukhov, the high jumper whose drunken jump has exploded on the internets. More than a million people have watched the you tube video which we've handily relinked for you below. Now comes news that mother Russia is not pleased with him. In fact, they're angry. How angry? They're talking about suspending him from competition for a year. The Sydney Morning Telegraph reports:

Valentin Maslakov, Russia's head coach, said: "By competing in such a condition, he has disgraced all Russian track and field athletes. I will ask our federation to suspend Ukhov for a year."


Why was he drunk? Well, with refreshing candor, his manager says: "There's no denying that Ivan was drunk, but he had a fight with his girlfriend and was also upset at failing to qualify for the Olympics." Of course. And now, once more, the jump.

Boozy jumper in strife after quarrel with bar [Sydney Morning Herald] Drunk jumper soon to be drunk bum [With Leather]


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