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Red Sox Clinch Playoffs, Celebrate Accordingly

Question for the day: Is the pictured celebration by the Red Sox on Tuesday really warranted, considering that all they clinched was a wild-card playoff berth? Sure, it's the playoffs, and that's cause for happiness, I suppose. But you didn't even win your division (although technically they still could). To me this is celebration stuff has become boring and troublesome, like the obligatory birthday gathering in the office for Gina at the front desk. No one really wants to do it, but it's expected. The Red Sox have won two World titles over the past four seasons, and have made the playoffs in five of the past six. Celebrating like this after clinching the wild card is so beneath them; you'd think they were the Royals. They did eliminate the Yankees once and for all after their 5-4 win over the Indians and Cliff Lee, but that deserves a toast at best. Also this seems like a waste of good beer. What are they going to do if they end up winning the division? No second parties allowed, Red Sox. You'll just have to act like gentleman. Tim Wakefield got the win and Jason Bay singled home the winning run for Boston. Playoff Clincher: Red Sox 5, Indians 4 [Boston Globe]


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