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Red Sox Don't Have The Required 15 Pieces Of Flair

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What they're saying out there in "the creative underclass" about Cleveland's 3-1 lead over Boston in the American League Championship Series ...

How We Roll [Promoted Diary. Yeah. That's Right.]. Look guys, we're down three in an ALCS. So what?! This is how we roll. You know, to make it interesting and stuff. Let the Rockies have their sweep. BOOOOORRRRRRINNNGGG. No, it's like the Mighty spit on a few pitches before you send one out of the park. Gives the fans something to chew on. Anyone can come back from a game down, but three? That takes brass balls. Brass Balls are a major export for our region so I'm not really worried. We here in Red Sox Nation have a flair for the dramatic. And not the hot-pink purse with black pumps type of flair no, no, no. We're talking trip, fall, and accidentally knock over the Empire State Building-type flair for the dramatic. So now comes the fun part. The winning. THIS is how we roll. [Over The Monster]

Got You Where I Want You. I suppose we have them just where we want them now, these Cleveland Indians. Lulled into a false sense of security, riding high on the shoulders of Grady Sizemore and Victor Martinez, waving their towels and blasting their "Tribe Time" theme song and guzzling cheap wine like they're on their way to the World Series. Everything else that has transpired, to paraphrase the Emperor from Star Wars, has done so according to our design. One game away from elimination? F@#k that noise. We prefer to think of you guys as three games away from elimination. And hanging on by a slender thread. [Surviving Grady]


Collectively Collected. On the day that World Series tickets arrived to the Tepee in the mail, and with Game 5 tickets under my bed, calm is settling in. Next up...the storm of a potential World Series berth. [The DiaTribe]

Game One Hundred Seventy: Indians 7, Red Sox 3. But the biggest hit of the game came after Wakefield left. Manny Delcarmen's mid-90s heat was supposed to provide a major change of pace from Wakefield's lazy knucklers. Apparently they weren't aware of Jhonny Peralta's affinity for the outside fastball. Peralta rocketed a high Delcarmen fastball to the right field seats. [Let's Go Tribe]

Suddenly, The Playoffs Aren't Nearly As Awesome As Dane Cook Promised They'd Be . All right, I'll go on record with it: I think Josh Beckett should have been given the ball tonight. It's not that I distrust Tim Wakefield — even with his 18-day layoff and his late-season struggles, we all know that he's entirely capable of rising to the occasion — but I like the idea of the Sox having their ace lined up to pitch Game 7 on regular rest. And while the history of pitchers going on three days' rest in the postseason is abysmal, Beckett is the exception. [Touching All The Bases]

Play For The Day. I think the biggest thing you've got to do is, you have to go out there and scrap and play like there's no tomorrow. I think sometimes you can be more of a dangerous team when there is no tomorrow. For us, we've been in a lot worse spots. We're down 3-1 now, but we were down 3-0 in 2004. We just have to go out there and play for the day — just go out there and play as hard as we can and not worry about yesterday, and we'll just play for the present. [Yooooouuuuukkkkk]


We're In A Great Situation. I'll take credit for Jhonny's homer. I told him to move up in the box, because some of Wakefield's knuckleballs were just downright nasty and down in the zone. I told him to move up, and he just laughed. When I'm not playing, I kind of live through Jhonny, because I know he's trying to go deep with every swing, just like me. And he did it tonight. I loved it. It seems like every game I don't play, he goes deep. I get to mess around with him and towel him off and give him a cup of water. [Ryan Garko's Playoff Blog]

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