Puppy Bowl III has been going strong for over an hour now... these little guys just don't get tired. Well, one of them did... he decided to just lay down at the 50-yard-line for a while. One of the bigger, meaner dogs with lower self-esteem called an immediate press conference and accused the other dog of getting tired during the Puppy Bowl. Andy Reid insists there are no issues between the two.

It seems like some of the dogs are a little bit older this year, like they've invited back a couple of last year's MVPs. I love this thing. I'm so glad they show it at 3:00, instead of waiting until 6:00 and having it go up against the Super Bowl. If they didn't, you'd all be really confused about the random "Awwwwww"s thrown into the liveblog.

I couldn't enjoy this more if they had a couple of black lab head coaches.

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