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Because the people of New Orleans haven't been through enough, Reggie Bush and his agent are threatening to sit out the season and re-enter the 2007 NFL Draft. Saints training camp opens up on Thursday, and Bush isn't likely to be there. He might stop by for a quick photo op, but he won't actually be putting on the pads and accomplishing anything.

Bush and his agent are unhappy, evidently because the Saints said they'd pay him as if he was the #1 pick, but now are unwilling to do so. And given that statement, and the fact that the city's in love with him, pretty much gives Reggie all the leverage in the world.

I seriously doubt that draft re-entry is a real possibility, and eventually, the Saints will find the scratch to get Reggie's signature on a contract. But I'd really hate to see the people of New Orleans shafted again. I don't know if Kanye West could handle it.

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