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Reggie Miller Trades Restraining Orders With Alex von Furstenberg

The NBA All-Star and the son of the famous fashion designer are still fighting over a girl, even though the rest of the planet stopped caring about these three kids months ago. We've moved on to better scandals, thank you!

Well, I guess we can give them a little bit of attention since they might shrivel up and die without it. This whole thing started this summer when von Furstenburg got a restraining order again Miller, claiming that Reggie was harassing his wife-to-be, Ali Kay, and that when confronted, Miller basically threatened to have his gang member buddies to shoot him. Then in an effort to lay low and protect his own safety, von Furstenburg hired a virtual sky writer to tell the world he'd been cuckolded by a former Pacer.


Fast forward to this weekend and von Furstenburg—who again, tried to get a legal order of protection to keep this guy away from him—tracked Reggie down at a restaurant and challenged him to a fight. What bravery! Miller drove away without incident and now he has an order of protection against Alex.

This is the lamest high school feud of all time. "I can't come within 50 feet of you? No, you can't within 50 feet of me! Jerk!"


EXCLUSIVE: Reggie Miller Gets Restraining Order In Love Triangle Case [Radar Online]

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