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1. Win No. 1 (We’re not going to lose all our games)

2. Win No. 82 (Winners!)

3. Win No. 81 (Not losers!)

4. Win No. 101 (Holy shit, better than 100 wins!)

5. Win No. 100 (Holy shit, 100 wins!)

6. Win No. 96 (Dang, it’s a really, really successful season)

7. Win No. 110 (Wow, it’s a historically great season)

8. (tie) Wins Nos. 102-109, 111-116 (Secretariat at the Belmont)

22. (tie) Wins Nos. 97-99 (Pretty much a great season)

25. Win No. 89 (Solidly a winning team)

26. Win No. 95 (Success!)

27. Win No. 94 (Right up there with the good teams)

28. (tie) Wins Nos. 91-93 (Jockeying to get up with the best teams)

31. Win No. 90 (Imagine how good a few more wins will feel)

32. (tie) Wins Nos. 83-88 (In the better part of the pack)

38. (tie) Wins Nos. 2-80 (It always feels good to win a baseball game)

Rankings are as context-independent as it is possible for them to be.

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