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Remember To Have Sympathy For Jim Leyritz Tonight

Former Yankees' catcher Jim Leyritz, seen above, wobbling and ivehashjushacoupladrinksh-ing for Fort Lauderdale police before his DUI arrest last Dec. 28th is upset. That night Leyritz, 44, was involved in an accident with 30-year-old Plantation, Fla., native Freida Veitch. Veitch had a BAC of .18, but was killed in the accident. Leyritz is awaiting trial for DUI and manslaughter charges. Tragic and disturbing circumstances, of course, but what's also disturbing is Leyritz's pouting over the Yankees not making him feel welcome during the All-Star festivities.

Leyritz, who showed up this week not as a guest of the Yankees, says he "understands" why the organization wouldn't want him involved in the Old Timer's game or any other events, "But at the same time, yes, I am disappointed somewhat in not being able to be a part of it, because of the history that I have there."

Somebody's got a wacky sense of entitlement. Yes, Leyritz is technically not guilty for the time being, but did he drink away his tact that night in Florida as well? Don't show up, dude. And if you do show up, be prepared to answer questions about how you possibly killed a woman after getting hammered on your 44th birthday.

Oh, and if you, media member, would rather ask Jim about that whole manslaughter trial and not give him any ink about the Yankees' perceived mistreatment of him, he's handing out prepared statements from his attorneys about all that.


"Unfortunately, I am unable to comment about the specific facts of what took place that early morning; however, the testimony of the witnesses and other evidence produced to date fully support our defense," Leyritz said. Of course, he does.

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