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Remember To Help Enshrine The Worthy

In case you forgot, given all the Twitter madness and the server shutdowns this week, it is DSHOF week. Right now, Barkley is the only one who looks to have a reasonable shot at enshrinement. He continues to amaze.


But here are the rest of the nominees struggling for Jim Cooke immortality:

Lenny Dykstra
Crossing Pattern Dong
Stephen A. Smith
Jay Mariotti
Alex Rodriguez
Stephon Marbury

And, forever in our black hearts and phantom hooves...



Polls close on Sunday evening.

Tomorrow is Idiot Barking Dog day on Deadspin. Come keep me company and watch the potential shitshow I may unleash story-wise. You thought EA was bad? Anyway, you've been warned.


Sunday, it's sworn enemy of UCF, Barry Petchesky.

Go on. Take a load off. It's Friday. Talk to a scary girl.

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