This harmless looking fellow is named David Barrett, and he's probably made you cry too many times in your life. Yes, he might look like a mime without his make up or a professional puppeteer, but, in fact, he's the songwriter who penned "One Shining Moment." On his website, this is how the song that launched a thousand goosebumps came to pass:

"In 1985, I was visiting a friend in New York City who just happened to write for Sports Illustrated. We were watching the NBA Finals, talking about sports and life and I remembered that I had written this song about sports and achievement, so when I got home I sent it to him. He took it over to CBS without me knowing, and they called me up out of the blue."

And, since then, he's become a professional singer/songwriter with plenty of other albums under his braided belt. No, he's no one-hit wonder. Surely, you've got "The Music of Golf" and "The Magic Never Ends: The Life And Times Of C.S. Lewis," also both wonderful musical masterpieces, in your record collection. These are must-haves, especially to musicphiles desperately searching for that one-of-a-kind artist who can pull off the whole Harry Nillsson-meets-Zamfir vibe without sounding too "neo-folk revisionist."

And those in Michigan area are in luck: On April 12, Barrett will perform at the Trinity House Theatre in Livonia on a monster twin-bill with violinist/singer Jake Armerding for a show that's just guaranteed to rock your fucking face off.

David Barrett Home Page [David Barrett]