The intrepid souls at Joe Sports Fan have dug up tape of the final game Harry Caray every broadcast. The game was September 21, 1997. So much has changed, but Harry was always the same.

First off, the last home Harry ever called was by Dave Hansen. Trivial! It's more fun to witness Harry's final malapropisms.

What's so funny about the name of pitcher Ryan Karp? "Ya know, you would expect that his name should be Karp Ryan...

Of course, just because some Caray statements failed to start with "Ya know" didn't mean they lacked any comedic weight. "Tony Gwynn... his average is point three six nine nine (.3699). Second, is Larry Walker at point three six nine six (.3696). What are those, hundreds of thousandths to the fourth..."

Even though he was a Cub — though a Cardinal first! — we will always miss Harry Caray. Someone's gotta do a better job with Harry on YouTube; it's pretty tough to find anything.

Welcome Back To The Ballpark [Joe Sports Fan]