Reply Allpocalypse Ruins Deadspin Bracket Pool

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Goddamnit, you guys.

We’re having an NCAA tournament pool. (Sign up now! Make new friends!) Host CBS, in its infinite wisdom, sticks the group’s email address at the top of the page. Note: the group’s email address, not the administrator’s. Any email sent there goes to every single person in the group. The only surprise about this afternoon’s Reply Allpocalypse is that it didn’t happen the first day. Oh well, karmic payback.

Just after 3:30, we (and everyone else) received a polite email from one gentleman asking to be removed.

I signed up to select a bracket today for March Madness. But I was actually wondering if there was any way you could remove me from your pool. Sorry for the hassle. Best regards.


It turns out that he works in the athletic office at Tulane, and was apparently scared off by the NCAA’s toothless annual reminder that money pools are technically illegal gambling. Whatever. We removed him. Then this showed up:

Boy, I hope this turns into a laboriously long email chain committed to mocking Tulane for everyone who just received this reply all


Oh, fuck. Anyway, the chain is past 150 emails now. You are all terrible and we hate you.

Hire me, potential employers!

Did they find that plane yet?

It was in the Bermuda Triangle. I saw it on Facebook

Aliens took it.

Please remove me from this list.

This is the most amount of emails from friends that I’ve ever had!

What a fucking disaster

[photo of Piggy Poopballs]

How did all these people get in my room?

Is this the new kinja?

[another photo of Piggy Poopballs]


If this gets put on deadspin please redact my name

I bet this doesn’t happen to Bleacher Report readers.

I have never seen one of these happen in real time. I am excited to be a part of it.

[another photo of Piggy Poopballs]

Why so many pictures of a pig shitting on his nuts?

Favorite salad dressing.....GO

[screengrab of Oddibe McDowell’s water bill]

How do I import all these email addresses into my evite profile?

I’m excited my casual encounters ad got so many responses, but I have to say the responses have been more bewildering than arousing.

What no boner pills offer?

-Sent from my iPhone that is currently melting trying to handle this cluster eff

Please help me, I don’t belong here. I am a piano teacher.....

Play something for us ivory boy!

your mom’s a piano teacher

I wish my mom was a piano teacher.

It’s getting very difficult to masturbate with my phone going off every five seconds.

I just told my boss I need the rest of the day off to monitor this email thread

Don’t you love it when people in school are like, “I’m a bad test taker”? You mean, you’re stupid. Oh, you struggle with that part where we find out what you know? Oh. No, no, I can totally relate. See, because I’m a brilliant painter, minus my God-awful brushstrokes

This seems to be my best time to do this...Fuck you, Tim Marchman.

[photo of Milk and Honey Original Café Mix]

I do not care for your cereal preferences.

All thanks so much for you’re super interest in number one made quality products. Purses, shoe, top name protein mix. You name it. We are top importer company and not in the country of poor business dealing. Please enter your financial data below and you will be then made to have these womderful top gifts. Thanks you to goodnight too.

Who are all you people

rest it under your yambag and prepare for a covey of quail flying out your barking spider.....

Fuck each and every one of you

You know, it is actually easier to see all the comments here vs New Kinja

anyone wanna skype? please don’t say no

You get a +1 and you get a +1 and you get a plus +1. Everyone gets a +1 Fuck Off

What’s everyone’s ASL?

Mine is 69/bro/Poontown

Tulane guy: DHOF 2014

Long live Tulane Guy.

Yesterday he was just some pimply douchebag trying to figure out how to ruffie the girl down the hall. Today...well...he’s still that same douchebag, but he’s brought us all together. Viva Tulane Guy!

Can we rename the whole bracket in his honor?

I didn’t know the pig who sh!t on his balls had a legit name ..

Piggy Poop Balls .. That’s clever

You all are so god damn annoying it makes me never want to read deadspin again. I don’t have time to read emails from you ass clowns, now go fuck yourselves and find something better to do than respond to a fucking listserv. Have a great day


In conclusion, CBS will destroy the inbox of everyone in your bracket pool, and it’s still a million times better than Yahoo’s personal-info-mining signup process.

Join our bracket pool here. Password is “deadspin”.