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Report: Aaron Rodgers Is "Frustrated" With Packers For Icing Him Out Of Personnel Decisions

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is “frustrated” because the team’s front office didn’t consult him about a couple of personnel decisions this offseason, according to a report from Yahoo’s Charles Robinson. Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt walked after last season because he believed he had a better chance of becoming an offensive coordinator elsewhere, and the team also cut receiver Jordy Nelson, one of Rodgers’s favorite targets.

Other top-tier quarterbacks get a voice in certain coaching and roster discussions, after all, and after Rodgers was “completely cut out of discussions” around both moves, he started to get irritated. Robinson’s source said that’s a large reason why Rodgers is unhappy:

“In other places with [elite] quarterbacks, consideration is given to those guys. I think Aaron wants to be engaged in some decisions. But that’s just not the way it works [in Green Bay]. I think that’s obviously frustrating and it’s going to keep coming out.”


Rodgers’s contract may play a role in his discontent. He’s underpaid for his position and has two more years on his current deal. Extension talks are ongoing, but as Robinson notes, time is on the Packers’ side, and Rodgers will be 36 by the time his current deal expires. The team will be less incentivized to give security to Rodgers as he ages, especially since they can franchise him twice and see where they stand in 2021, when Rodgers will be 38.

This season could be critical in terms of Rodgers’s future in Green Bay. Winning cures most things, but if this iteration of the Packers craps out another mediocre season, it’ll exacerbate the already-tense relationship between Rodgers and management. New GM Brian Gutekunst is part of the reshuffled front office, and he should find a way to make the QB feel more valued, whether it’s through money or communication.

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