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Report: Akron Football Player Shoots Teammate After Mistaking Him For A Burglar

Pratt in action; Photo via Getty
Pratt in action; Photo via Getty

Akron football player Scott Boyett shot his teammate Andrew Pratt on accident early this morning after mistaking him for a burglar, per a report from the Akron Beacon Journal. Apparently Pratt and Boyett are neighbors, and Pratt entered Boyett’s apartment without notice, so his friend shot him, mistaking him for a burglar.


Boyett drove Pratt to the ER, and both players gave similar statements to the police, so no charges will be filed. Pratt, who called the shooting “an honest mistake”, is in stable condition.

Both players told officers the same story and Pratt, too, said he believed the shooting was “an honest mistake.”

Pratt was later transferred to Cleveland Clinic Akron General Medical Center where he was in stable condition.

Akron police, university police and a crime scene unit, meanwhile, combed the Rentschler Street house in search of evidence.

After police consulted with prosecutors, they decided no charges would be filed because all parties agreed that the shooting was an accident.


Athletic Director Larry Williams released the following statement:

“We are saddened and concerned to learn of this situation and we hope that Andrew recovers fully,” he wrote. “While we know the incident occurred at an off-campus location, we will wait to learn more from the Akron Police Department about what occurred. We are keeping Andrew in our thoughts and prayers.”

Pratt just participated in Akron’s Pro Day, and Boyett is a junior offensive tackle for the Zips. Pratt posted on Instagram this morning from Akron General Hospital, assuring everyone that he was okay.

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