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Report: Blake Bortles Keeps His Truck Unlocked With His Keys And Wallet Inside [Update]

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Photo: Scott Halleran (Getty Images)

Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles reportedly helped stop a would-be robber at his teammate Brandon Linder’s house on Wednesday night, when an 18-year-old high school student tried to steal Bortles’ truck from the driveway in the middle of a party. According to TMZ, the kid failed because the truck was boxed in by other cars, and got caught when he went into the house and tried to blend in, only to be noticed by Bortles and a couple other Jaguars.


Attempts to confirm this story independently with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department were met with a request to call back during regular business hours. (Update: Police report is now embedded below.) But, via WJXT in Jacksonville, one detail in the police report about the lack of security Bortles puts on his stuff is both head-smackingly dumb and, honestly, pretty unsurprising:

According to the police report, Joseph Horton, 18, a student at Fletcher High School, got into Bortles’ new Ford F-150, which was left unlocked with the keys inside and rummaged through the interior.

Witnesses told police the act was caught on the home’s surveillance video, and Horton seemed to have an affinity for the vehicles parked in the driveway. The video was said to show Horton removing Bortles’ wallet from the truck, which was later found on the ground.

To be clear: You shouldn’t run around people’s driveways opening truck doors and trying to get valuable items out. But also, there are some pretty easy ways to prevent that from happening.

Update: (11:12 p.m.): A copy of the police report, embedded below, confirms the initial story. From the report:

Horton approached the listed black Ford truck and opened the door. Horton went through the truck, moving items around and removing Bortles’s wallet from inside. The wallet was found in the driveway ... Video showed Horton enter the driver side of Bortles’s truck and start the engine. The truck then moved front and back. There were numerous cars in the driveway, blocking the way out from where the truck was parked. At one point, Horton got out of the truck and looked at the front. He then looked at other cars parked as if determining how to get the truck out. Horton finally abandoned the truck and went into the home.