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Now that Jerry Sandusky's officially a convicted pedophile, it was only a matter of time until the avalanche of civil lawsuits against him began pouring forth. According to Johnstown, Pa., television station WJAC, the first one since last week's verdict was filed today on behalf of three of the victims Sandusky is guilty of abusing, plus another victim who had already filed suit against Penn State last month.

This lawsuit, however, goes after neither Sandusky nor Penn State. It alleges that Sandusky's abuse began "as far back as the 1970s," in WJAC's words. Here's more:

Instead, the target is the organization founded by Sandusky, the Second Mile Foundation.

The Second Mile wants to distribute its assets to a group called Arrow Ministries, but this new court filing is hoping to block that move. The suit is filed on behalf of Victims 3, 5, and 7 as identified in the Sandusky grand jury indictment.

Also included is another defendant listed as John Doe A, who claims Sandusky molested him well over a hundred times.


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