Report: Cops Found Lawrence Timmons Trying To Leave L.A. After Dolphins Reported Him Missing [Update]

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Dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons missed out on his team’s season opener against the Chargers in Los Angeles Sunday because of what his agent called a “private matter.” Timmons was in L.A., but he never reported to the team and was listed as inactive. After Miami’s win, head coach Adam Gase said nothing about the matter.

Today Adam Schefter reported that Timmons has dealt with whatever caused him to miss the game and he is, per a source, “doing much better [Monday] and wants to resume playing immediately.” The linebacker is visiting with team doctors today. Schefter’s report stressed that Timmons wasn’t worried about early onset CTE, and also included this vague but ominous sentence:

“No one has ever seen anything like it,” one source said.

According to TMZ, the Dolphins filed missing persons reports with local cops. Barry Jackson later confirmed the report, and clarified that the team filed reports with several local police departments.


The Dolphins reportedly noticed Timmons was missing during a room check Saturday night. Police found him at LAX Sunday morning. Why was he there? From TMZ:

We’re told Timmons had spoken with his baby mama who lives there and had told her he missed the baby and wanted to visit. He was serious about visiting her.


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Update (9/19, 4:02 E.T.): Timmons has been suspended.