Report: Eagles Turned Down Josh Gordon For Nick Foles In 2013

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That's the word from ESPN's Eagles beat writer Phil Sheridan—formerly of the Inquirer—who says that Philly nixed the trade offered by Cleveland before the start of the season.

Gordon was facing a two-game suspension for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. Foles had just been named the Eagles' No. 2 quarterback after losing a competition with Michael Vick during the preseason.

The Browns, who had Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden as their top two quarterbacks, wanted Foles as their starter. At that point, former Eagles president Joe Banner was running the Browns. Banner had been with the Eagles in 2012 when they drafted Foles.

The Eagles, in their first year with head coach Chip Kelly, were concerned about Gordon's impending suspension. They were also high on Foles.

Both players ended up having really good seasons in 2013. And then really bad seasons in 2014. Gordon may not even have a 2015, while Foles isn't nearly the commodity he was.


Still, the NFL so rarely has fun trades with notable players, so even word of one that almost-but-didn't happen is welcome. If there were an outlet that did nothing but reveal unconsummated trades, I'd pay an amount of money for that.