Report: FBI Wiretaps Caught Sean Miller Discussing $100,000 Payment To Recruit

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ESPN reports tonight that FBI wiretaps of conversations between Sean Miller and sports agent runner Christian Dawkins caught the Arizona head coach discussing a $100,000 payment to lock up then-recruit Deandre Ayton, now a star freshman for the Wildcats.

ESPN reports Miller and Dawkins had several conversations about Ayton, who is averaging a double-double this season and is one of college basketball’s top players. Arizona assistant coach “Book” Richardson was one of four college basketball assistants arrested by the feds in a crackdown that, by all appearances, benefits the NCAA and its cartel more than U.S. citizens.


The wiretaps allegedly catch Miller telling Dawkins not to work through Richardson on money issues but to deal directly with the boss. Richardson is facing six felony charges, while NCAA president Mark Emmert is facing zero.