According to a report from the Washington Post’s Roman Stubbs, Maryland women’s assistant basketball coach Bryce McKey has been accused of sexual abuse by a player he coached while at Xavier, and had recruited since grade school. McKey is scheduled to be arraigned on a misdemeanor charge Friday morning in Kentucky’s Kenton County District Court.

The alleged abuse happened after Maryland announced the McKey hire and before he moved to College Park. Here’s Stubbs with the details:

According to a complaint filed in Kenton County on June 30, McKey invited the player to his home in the Cincinnati suburb of Covington, Ky., on May 2 and proceeded to touch her inappropriately on multiple occasions.

After she arrived at McKey’s home, the pair left the residence in a car to pick up food. he alleged McKey “inappropriately touched her leg, making her feel uncomfortable,” according to the complaint.

The accuser alleged that after returning to the residence, McKey offered her alcohol and later touched her on the buttocks twice without her permission. As she was leaving the residence, McKey asked for a hug, pulled her close to him “and she felt he was trying to kiss her at which time she pushed him away and left the residence,” according to the complaint.

The player also claimed that McKey approached her through a friend with an offer to pay her in return for not pressing charges. Xavier is not investigating the incident, since “the alleged incidents occurred after Bryce McKey left Xavier’s employment.”

But the player and her family came forward to the Post in an effort to shut down any similar situation from happening again:

The Xavier player and her parents authorized her Akron-based attorney, Walter Madison, to contact The Washington Post in hopes of preventing a similar situation from occurring again, the player’s father said in a phone interview Thursday night.

“A lot of young ladies probably don’t come forward. I was proud of [my daughter] for coming forward,” the accuser’s father said. “Hopefully by reporting them, that it will help protect other girls that are going around coaches and feeling safe and secure, and realize it’s not safe and secure.”


Madison also said he is representing another former player who has alleged sexual abuse against McKey, but has yet to file charges. Unlike this misdemeanor case, the other case wil be investigated as a felony.

Maryland indefinitely suspended McKey earlier today.

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