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Report From The Future: Colby Rasmus Says His Quotes About John Farrell Were Taken Out Of Context

We can probably start a countdown because this will likely be walked back shortly. That's usually what happens when a quote starts "I'm not trying to bash anybody by starting up crap..." and does not end in a period. It's the "but" that gets you.

"I'm not trying to bash anybody by starting up crap," he volunteered during an interview, "but I think John Gibbons has got a little bit of a better idea of how to handle it, just because I don't see him as a guy that's going to hit that panic button and get tight and into kind of freak-out mode."


John Gibbons replaced John Farrell after the latter John was traded to the Red Sox and Rasmus is cautiously optimistic about the move because Gibbons doesn't seem like the hypothetical, definitely-not-John-Farrell freak-out mode type. The Jays have had a good thing going the past couple years and, in fact, things were very good for the Blue Jays at the start of last season. Then something weird happened.

"It was just like panic mode, like what are we doing?" he said. "Everybody looking over their shoulder. It was just a bad feeling."

It's tough, though. A lot of times people are just born with a certain disposition. Some people are a little jittery maybe and quickly fall into panic/freak-out mode while others remain calm in the face of fire. Still others criticize managers. It's all genetics.

Blue Jays' Colby Rasmus feels his new manager won't hit the panic button when adversity strikes [National Post]


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