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Report: Kevin Durant Wants To Shake David Stern's Hand

We start today with a little bit of good news for fans of terrible NBA teams. Kevin Durant, according to, has decided to play basketball for money.

Word on the Street:

-According to multiple sources, both from the NBA and close to the player himself, Kevin Durant will be announcing in a press conference mid next week that he will be putting his name in the draft.


Not terribly concrete, I know... but for now, it'll have to do. I'm electing to trust on this one, mainly because they have a very handsome website and because it doesn't make sense for Kevin Durant to do anything but declare for the NBA Draft.

In related news, on today's NBA schedule, the Grizzlies play the Magic, the Celtics play the Pacers, and the Bucks play the Knicks. Don't kill yourself preparing for these, Magic, Pacers, and Knicks. I have a feeling you'll do OK.

Portsmouth Invitational Tournament: Day Three [DraftExpress]

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