Report: Lebron Looking For a New Home

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Lebron has been out of his element in his present situation, it’s safe to say, and sources say he needs to find a new home.

According to legit sources, Lebron “needs a dedicated adopter to help him with separation anxiety.” Here’s the scoop:

This brindle boy has a contradicting personality. Sometimes he’s shy and reserved, yet when he is lying on his bed and comfortable he loves to be rubbed and petted...


Got that? Lebron’s new owner must shower him with love. Although Lebron did previously find a home in a nice place, he eventually went back to his place of origin:

Lebron was adopted out but returned due to his separation anxiety. “Although his adopters tried several options, none worked,” says his bio.

This is likely because Lebron requires lots of attention. Reports also state that while Lebron has demonstrated that he’s a leader, he’s better off with a companion—a teammate of sorts. He can’t do this on his own.

“As Lebron seems to bond with the people who care for him, it is best that he be in a home where someone is home for a good part of the day,” his bio reads. “Due to his shyness, Lebron would feel safest in a quieter home with older children.”


Lebron just wants to feel loved and adored. To where will he take his talents next? To you, if you’re lucky.

Image via Greyhound Friends of New Jersey