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Report: MLB's A-Rod Witch Hunt Hamstrung A State Investigation

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There are already plenty of reasons to call bullshit on Major League Baseball's crusade against Alex Rodriguez, but here's another one.


According to Outside the Lines, MLB directly interfered with an ongoing investigation that the the Florida Department of Health was conducting on Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch when the league dipped into its scuzz money coffers to purchase incriminating documents related to the clinic. OTL's report claims that the Florida Department of Health fined Bosch $3,000 for practicing medicine without a license, but that his penalty would have been much stiffer if MLB had not swooped in and purchased documents that the Department of Health needed for its investigation.


From OTL:

A state official said the limited scope of the investigation and its conclusion were direct results of Major League Baseball officials purchasing documents related to the since shuttered clinic at the center of a performance-enhancing drug scandal involving Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and at least a dozen other players. The source said MLB knew the documents had been intended for Florida investigators and that the purchase of them hindered the state investigation by preventing the department from gathering additional evidence against Bosch, doctors and others affiliated with the clinic. Further, MLB officials never told health department officials they had obtained the records, the source said.

"They can't say they weren't warned," the official said.

So what if MLB prevented a state organization from properly punishing an actual criminal, right? At least they stuck it to that bastard A-Rod!


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