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Report: NFL Investigating Giants' Walkie-Talkie Shenanigans During Cowboys Game

Photo credit: Bill Kostroun/AP Images
Photo credit: Bill Kostroun/AP Images

According to a report from the New York Post, the NFL is looking into whether Ben McAdoo illegally called in plays to Eli Manning during last Sunday’s night game against the Cowboys. The Giants won the game, 10-7, and McAdoo had to call plays into Manning with a walkie-talkie for a while after a headset malfunction. The Post reports that the Cowboys complained to the league and claimed that McAdoo’s walkie-talkie usage may not have been in line with league regulations:

The Cowboys filed a formal request with the league to investigate. NFL officials cannot ensure that teams using a walkie-talkie are in compliance with league rules, which stipulate the communication between the sideline and the quarterback shut off when 15 seconds remain on the play clock.

The league is acting on the Cowboys’ request to look into the matter.

Manning says that after his communication system went down, calling plays was a chaotic mess.

“I just wasn’t getting anything, so I had to run to the sideline to get the plays,’’ Manning said. “Four plays maybe, we don’t have signals for stuff. It happened to be all run plays. If it’s pass plays, [backup quarterback Ryan] Nassib or somebody could signal them to me. I had to run to the sideline, sometimes he was giving it to Odell [Beckham Jr.] right there, and Odell would run to me and get the play in. Like high school.”


The Post has no word on how far along the NFL’s investigation is or what possible penalties could be. If only the Cowboys had some extra time to talk with Dak Prescott that night.

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