Report: NFL Owners Have Discussed How To Kick Out Jerry Jones

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An update on the current petty infighting among the NFL’s most powerful men, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal: multiple team owners have reportedly discussed the possibility of removing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones over his recent threat to sue the league, part of his attempt to block a contract extension for commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jones has been claiming that the league’s compensation committee, chaired by Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, has been misleading about the contract negotiation process for Goodell’s extension. He first threatened to sue a week and a half ago and was promptly stripped of his non-voting committee role as a result. Now, per the Journal, the NFL has sent a letter to Jones’s attorney calling his behavior “detrimental to the league’s best interests.”


That language represents exactly the standard that would be needed for Jones to be booted from the league—proof that his conduct goes against the best interests of the NFL. While the league’s letter reportedly doesn’t make that suggestion outright, some owners have been discussing the potential there, according to the Journal.  


Jones called the possibility of his removal “ridiculous” in a radio interview yesterday. But, of course, this whole thing is ridiculous.


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