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Raiders Pretend To Be Interested In San Antonio

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The San Antonio Raiders! That'd be weird, huh? One report says that owner Mark Davis took an exploratory visit to the city earlier this month, since the Raiders' lease in Oakland expires after this NFL season.

The San Antonio Express-News learned of Davis's July 18 trip, where the Raiders owner met with a group of city officials to take a tour. The NFL team would presumably play in the 21-year-old Alamodome, which could be in NFL game shape by the 2015-16 season. Davis would still have to eventually ask for a new stadium, though, so he's going through the battle either way.

Also, he wants a place for a statue of his late dad, Al. From the report:

Davis told San Antonio civic and business leaders he isn't seeking a "Jerry Jones-type facility" and prefers "a small, intimate" stadium that he can place "a statue of his father in front of," a source said.


For what it's worth, Davis had nothing else to add when reached by phone, but no comment is something of a comment:

If we stop imagining the matching colors with the Spurs for a second and turn realistic, the most likely reason for the San Antonio visit is leverage. Note that earlier this month, another Bay Area team mentioned a possible relocation to San Antonio in discussions of a new stadium. The city's apparently the new Los Angeles in terms of stadium negotiations. Trendy!

Update: Davis has more to say now.


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