Report: Teams Are Already Lining Up To Bring Peyton Manning Into The Front Office

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Peyton Manning has such a comical litany of injuries that it’s amazing he was playing NFL football into 2015. He has a surgically taped-up neck, a problem with his throwing shoulder, maybe-maybe-not broken ribs, a partially torn plantar fascia (apparently, this is worse than a full tear), not to mention the torn quadriceps he played with last year. He’s 39 and after last week’s record grab of a game, he’s probably done as a quarterback.

Given his stature within the game and ability to read defenses on the fly and cook up perfect audibles, he’s going to have a job in football as long as he wants one. Hell, he’s served as a mini offensive coordinator for a few years anyway. The Broncos might try to hold onto him, but according to a report from CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, the Browns and Titans are already thinking about how to add Manning to the fold, and have “strong interest” in Manning.


Manning has ties to both organizations:

Manning has a strong relationship with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam from their ties to the state of Tennessee, and Haslam’s interest in having Manning in a management/ownership role are long known (dating back several years to his interest in the Titans at the time). The Titans have already essentially wiped their entire organizational slate clean for 2016 from team president on down in what’s likely a precursor to a pursuit of Manning, who has told friends for years how much he might enjoy living in Tennessee after his playing days are over.


Tennessee makes more sense to me of the two locations. He went to school there, the team has a young quarterback they’d love to have Manning mentor, and he already spoke about maybe wanting to coach the Volunteers. If he wanted to, Indianapolis would also probably welcome him back. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to drag his battered body into any more football games.

Photo via AP