Report: The Chargers Have Fans??? In Tennessee???

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Ohhh, there they are!
Ohhh, there they are!
Photo: Wesley Hitt (Getty Images)

With 3:38 remaining in the first half, Philip Rivers connected with Melvin Gordon on a one-yard touchdown pass to complete a 14-play, 94-yard drive. None of what happened during that play was out of the ordinary—a top-tier quarterback scoring with a throw to a talented running back rarely is. But see if you can hear something at the end of this clip that sounds like something you’ve certainly never heard before.

Let's Go Chargers chant in Tenn

If you didn’t immediately catch that, it’s probably because your ears are just slow to adjust to a new sound. Believe it or not, that’s the sound of some real-life Chargers fans doing a real-life cheer in a real-life game. Turns out the team’s fans weren’t in Los Angeles or San Diego; they were just in Nashville. Imagine that!

Hopefully Dean Spanos doesn’t see this blog and use it as an excuse to move the team down there.