Report: UConn Invited To Return To The Big East And Leave Their Football Team Behind

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The Big East is expected to invite the University of Connecticut back into the conference as early as this week for the 2020-21 season, according to multiple reports. Digital News Desk had the news first. Nothing has been officially confirmed from the conference, or the school’s board of trustees—though they are expected to approve the move.

UConn’s athletic return to the Big East will include bringing over basketball and all other olympic sports. The athletic department will have to work on resolving schedules for each program before 2020 as they move away from the 12-team American Athletic Conference, which the Huskies are currently a part of.

The only UConn program that won’t be affected by this change is the football team. Though the Big East does not have football, the school does not intend on dropping the program entirely. Huskies football will remain in the FBS as a football-only member of the AAC, MAC, C-USA or an FBS independent, according to Stadium’s Brett McMurphy. For what it’s worth, ESPN’s report cites sources that say staying in the AAC for football would be unlikely—the rest of McMurphy’s report is corroborated, however.


The Huskies were a founding member of the Big East back in 1979, but ultimately left in 2015 when the Catholic schools disbanded amid conference realignment. During their time in the conference, they established a fierce rivalry with Georgetown in the 80's and won four national championships between 1999 and 2014.

UConn’s return to the Big East means their return to the Big East Tournament in Madison Square Garden. For old time’s sake, let’s watch that Kemba Walker game-winner again.

Hell yea.