Reporter Really Pours It On With Question For Tom Brady

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady received a drunk WEEI caller’s motivational speech in the form of a question during today’s press conference:

Tom, we’ve all heard what you’ve said over the last year-plus at the podium, on the radio. I respect what you’ve said. But this commissioner and this league, via a four-game suspension, tried to disgrace you. People called you a cheater. People on TV cried. People lied. People threw trash at your name. Are you telling us that none of that factors into any of the motivation you have to go out there, and to win this game so you can grab the trophy, and hold it high, and stand at the top of the mountain, and howl at the moon?

People threw trash at your name, Tom! AWOOOO! That inquiry came courtesy of WPRI reporter Mark Dondero. The Pats trimmed it down a bit when they published the transcript. Via Kevin Duffy, the transcript’s version of the question read:

Q: Will any of the recent happenings surrounding you and the Patriots play into your motivation to win this game?