Reporter Says 49ers Owner Jed York Once Stuck Him With A $2100 Dinner Bill

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Tim Kawakami, the longtime Mercury News columnist, hosts a podcast, and during a recent episode he told a story about 49ers owner Jed York being a rich jerk.


Skip to the 27-minute mark on the audio player above to hear the whole story, which goes something like this: A few years ago, Kawakami tweeted that he would buy York lunch if the 49ers’ new stadium was completed by 2014.


Kawakami lost the bet, and York decided that it was to be settled with dinner at French Laundry, a very, very fancy restaurant. Two other writers, who paid for themselves, and York’s wife also came along; Kawakami says he ended up having to pay for his meal, York’s meal, and York’s wife’s meal. All told, he says, the date cost him $2100.

The most aggravating part of Kawakami’s story isn’t even that a billionaire NFL owner made a sportswriter pick up a $2100 bill over a jokey bet, but that he was oblivious about the whole thing. Here’s Kawakami:

If I thought Jed was sticking it to me, I’d almost be okay with it. I don’t even think he knew. I don’t think he knew what $2100 means to a sportswriter who didn’t inherit a billion-dollar team.

Never forget that rich people are terrible.

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