Reports: The Heat Are Scared Chris Bosh's Blood Clots Have Returned

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Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh pulled out of the All-Star Game because of a strained calf, but stuck around Toronto to enjoy in some of the festivities as his decision not to participate was mostly a precaution. He has since returned to Miami for additional medical tests, and those tests may have indicated something quite serious: a return of Bosh’s blood clots.

The Miami Herald has a few more details:

A person in touch with the Heat’s front office said a worrisome problem surfaced Monday, beyond merely a strained calf. Another source said his life was not at risk.

Asked directly if Bosh had been diagnosed with a blood clot in his calf, agent Henry Thomas responded by text: “Too soon for all of that…. Too soon to report that.”

The Heat did not comment.

It is never, ever a good sign when sources have to specify that a medical problem is not life-threatening.


Last season Bosh missed eight games with a calf injury. He returned to the court, but his bruised calf ultimately caused blood clots in his lungs, forcing him to miss the final 30 games of the season. To manage the problem Bosh must take blood thinners, and therefore can’t play basketball or be involved in any physical contact.

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