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Reports: Edinson Volquez's Father Died Today

Just before Edinson Volquez took the mound to start Game 1 of the World Series, reports emerged from the Dominican Republic that his father Daniel died today.


Volquez pitched a perfect first, and gave up three runs through three innings.

While it seems clear that Volquez’s father died, there was a large amount of confusion about whether Volquez actually knows or not. ESPN was initially the only outlet to report that Volquez was informed about the death on the way to the ballpark today. AP’s initial report said he didn’t know, but it has been updated multiple times and now says Volquez found out on his way to the ballpark, just like ESPN’s.

The Royals told all reporters who inquired that they didn’t know anything about Daniel Volquez dying, and neither did Edinson. Because of the confusion, Fox Sports decided to avoid any mention of Daniel Volquez’s death while Edinson was still pitching, in case he didn’t already know.

After Volquez left the game, Fox reported news of the death, and said that according to Royals PR, Volquez’s wife didn’t want him to know about his father’s death before the game. If that is correct, it means both ESPN and AP got their reporting horribly, horribly wrong.


This post was updated multiple times as new information became available.

Photo via AP

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