Some shit is going down with University of Florida freshman quarterback Treon Harris, who came off the bench during Saturday's game against Tennessee to help lead the Gators to a 10-9 win. Reports are that Harris has been suspended indefinitely, and is currently being investigated in connection with an alleged sexual assault involving a female student.

The first sign that something was amiss came when Florida cancelled its customary Monday morning press conference. Reports of the suspension soon followed:

And then came news of the felony investigation, from Florida Today:

A source close to the investigation has confirmed that the University of Florida police department is investigating University of Florida quarterback Treon Harris for a possible felony charge.

The source, speaking to FLORIDA TODAY, confirmed that Harris in all likelihood will be suspended from Saturday's LSU football game.

And there is a good chance he will not be able to play during the investigation.

WUFT is reporting that the investigation has to do with a female University of Florida student, and that no charges have yet been filed:


Here is the UFPD crime log for today.

Update: A statement from the University of Florida, confirming the sexual assault allegation.


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