Reports: Frustrated Kristaps Porzingis Skipped His Exit Meeting With Phil Jackson

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It’s been a long season for the Knicks—bizarre strategy, internal drama, messy trade conversation, a terrible record—and with Phil Jackson signing on for two more years as team president, the immediate future looks as if it might only hold more of the same. Kristaps Porzingis isn’t having it.

Porzingis skipped out on his exit meeting with Jackson and other team officials because of his continued frustration with the organization, according to multiple reports. He spoke out about the Knicks’ dysfunction back in February, when he said there was confusion “top to bottom” about the coaching changes in strategy and noted there was “a lot of stuff that’s not clear” and that it was “hard to play like that.”


The news that Porzingis skipped the meeting comes shortly after Jackson declared that Carmelo Anthony “would be better off somewhere else,” which seemingly prompted a response from Anthony in the form of an Instagram captioned “REALLY.” The fact that Porzingis liked the post has brought the customary deluge of internet sleuthing and questions about his intent:


As noted by Newsday, Porzingis has played for three coaches and lost 101 games in his two years with the Knicks.