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Reports: Kentucky Students Are Burning Things, Getting Pepper Sprayed After Beating Louisville

Did you guys hear? Lexington is "burning" and the students are "rioting" after Kentucky dispatched with Louisville in the first game of the Final Four. Just look at the crazy scene above. It's your typical city burning/students rioting situation: "at least three" burning couches, overturning cars and maybe burning some overturned couches.

Fans were also pulling stop signs out of the ground.

During the game, UK freshman Hope Nils, was among the few sober on the street.

"It is madness, and I want to be in the middle of it," she said.

Come on, guys. Have some pride in your thoughtless destruction. Get creative! I'm certainly not advocating needlessly violent and immature behavior, but you guys are in college. The great awakening. Get nuts and experiment. Don't just resort to the same old shit. Have some gusto—go big or go home, as they say. Why suffer the condescending tut-tutting for just the same old same old? You have the nation at your fingertips—make everyone earn their self righteous freakouts.


Police have reportedly responded in equally-cliched kind and doused the revelers in pepper spray and will likely restore order soon. And then we can watch Mike Lupica spaz out on his chair on The Sports Reporters tomorrow talking about kids these days.

Fires, destruction reported in State Street, other areas; Limestone calmer []

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