Reports Of Limatime's Demise Greatly Exaggerated

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A few weeks ago, it seemed, the world was faced with the sad prospect of bidding farewell to Limatime when reports surfaced out of Korea that he had been released by the Kia Tigers. Mope no longer, lovers of exuberant pitchers with stacked wives, for not only is Limatime born anew with the Tigers, HE A WINNAR!

But in the end mother nature was no match for Jose Desiderio Rodriguez Lima, who stepped to the mound on a temperate May evening in Seoul and pitched with the valor and energy of a man half his age, powering his Kia Tigers to a 12-1 win over the Worri Heroes.

Deftly mixing off-speed with more-off-speed pitches, sinker/changeup, changeup/sinker, sinker/sinker/changeup, changeup/changeup/sinker/changeup, kept one of the KBO's more powerful lineups off-balance and often delirious.


East Windup Chronicle notes that in giving up only two hits and a walk in seven innings, Lima earned his first win in Korea and lowered his ERA from a bloated 7.43 to a merely mediocre 5.70.

Now let's get him and the wifey on national anthem duty, stat!