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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Retired Showboater Richard Dent Claims Hed Knock Cam Newton On His Ass For Celebrating

Every time an athlete gets excited about kicking ass at their job, you’ll hear the chorus of traditionalists and outsiders jawing about how no professional athletes should celebrate because of the hallowed sanctity of the game they play that makes billionaires richer. Cam Newton in particular is a flashpoint for loud ‘Do your job!’ barbs from whites, and now, retired former NFLers.


Richard Dent, Hall of Famer and MVP of Super Bowl XX, talked some shit about Newton in an interview with USA Today, and his takes on Cam and his right to have fun, were, well about what you’d expect:

“I’m going to knock your ass out of the game. That would’ve been my approach,” Dent said.

“At some point in the game — not with a cheap shot — I’m going to try to get a shot that puts you out for the day. That’s the risk when you want to showboat all the time.”


Hmm, okay, so why does Cam celebrate so much? Easy: it’s these attention-craving millennials and their Vines:

“Act like this is what you’re getting paid to do,” Dent said. “But these kids, that’s what you get in the Twitter, Facebook world. It’s ‘Look at me!’”

Damn, he makes a good point! We millennial scum sure do like our technology and attention. It’s not like Dent ever made a hit song about winning Super Bowl XX months before it even happened or anything.


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