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We knew the Oakland Raiders were going to be a source of consistent amusement throughout this season, through ineptitude, disorganization or simple befuddlement, but we didn't quite expect it to happen so soon.

To recap this Jerry Porter situation: He sits out Week 1 because he hates Art Shell and wants to be traded, but he's on the sideline anyway. So then he cheers after Aaron Brooks is sacked for the 28th time, and then, as a way to deflect criticism from that, he points out that he wasn't paying any attention to the game. Which, all considered, is better, we guess.


This is going to beautiful to watch all season; there's already chaos in Oakland, and Randy Moss hasn't even piped up yet. People in the Bay Area are noticing this, and the "uh, it kind of doesn't look like this coaching staff has the foggiest idea what it's doing" stories are already popping up. Which is a shame: We can't break up the party before it's even started, after all.

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