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Either New Yorker and "The Tipping Point" author Malcolm Gladwell is just angry because Barry Bonds is the only human who might actually have a bigger head than he does, or he might actually be onto something. Gladwell, who says "Game Of Shadows" is "a death sentence for Bonds," suggests hiring a team of forensic economists to dig through baseball records and see which ones should be discounted because of steroids.

Having just finished "Game Of Shadows" ourselves, we understand the inclination; the book is beyond convincing of not just Bonds' usage, but also Gary Sheffield's, Jason Giambi's, Marion Jones' and, less interestingly, Bobby Estalella. But we're not sure how one would actually pull this off. We're reminded of the old quandary of when Giambi homered off fellow doper Ryan Franklin: Whom are we supposed to hate more again?


For the record, though, in case you were wondering, we think Bonds could probably take Gladwell in a fight.

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