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Clearly, there are not many people out there who feel bad about A.J. Pierzynski getting punched in the face. Sporlitics thanks Michaell Barrett for "doing something the rest of the world has wanted to do for a long, long time." They also provide a brief list of reasons why Pierzysnki deserved to be punched in the face from his various other stops in Major League Baseball. Reason #1 is pretty convincing.

Rivalfish takes a bigger-picture look at things, seeing the punch as a symbol of the Cubs frustrated futility. I love the comparison to the fight in Dazed and Confused, where Mike decides to take a swing at Clint, the dominant male monkey motherfucker. Rivalfish also slowed down the TV, and with their best lip-reading effort, determined that Barrett said, right before he punched him, ""I didn't even have the fucking ball, bitch."

On the other side of things, White Sox fans are kinda saying, "Hey, cute punch. But Pierzynski didn't move, and we won 7-0." Unknown Column breaks it down like the Zapruder film. They've got a little photo essay taking you through the whole thing, blow by blow.

I'd like to thank both Barrett and Pierzynski for doing this on the day when Barry hit 714 and providing us all with an alternative to the Bonds madness.


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