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On yesterday, you might have read Jason Sobel's gory tale of the man man who shot a 66 on one nightmarish golf hole. (The 17th at TPC Sawgrass, if you're into that type of thing.) It's a terrifying tale, no less scary that we don't play golf. But then we recognized the last name of the golfer ...

The golfer's name is Angelo Spagnolo, who is the father of Don Spagnolo, who runs the great Pittsburgh blog Mondesi's House.


Sobel's story is entertaining, but it can't compare with Mondesi's House description of the incident, which is filtered through a son's bewildered seven-year-old eyes. Our favorite part:

As recently as a few years ago, Dateline NBC found a swing guru with a wildly different style swing that turns the left hand backwards and places it in front of the right hand. Dateline figured, "what better way to see if this guy's method works?", and sent my dad to his golf school. Eventually, they returned to the scene of the crime, TPC, and my father shot a 157, slicing 100 strokes from his game. So yes, I guess you could say it worked. But on the rare occasion when he hits the links these days, I can vouch that he's just as bad as ever.

We suppose it makes sense that the "World's Worst Avid Golfer" would give birth to a filthy blogger. Serves him right.

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