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Rex Ryan Fined $100,000 For Yelling "Fuck You"

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As time expired on Sunday and the Jets snapped their eight-game losing streak, Rex Ryan let loose with some hearty and satisfying profanity. It'll cost him $100,000, per Chris Mortensen.

We've all been there, Rex:


It's not clear who this was aimed at. The Steelers had just attempted to bum-rush a kneeldown, but Ryan's postgame handshake with Mike Tomlin appeared cordial. Alternately, it could have been directed at officials, something Ryan refused to confirm or deny.

"I think I was saying 'thank you,'" Ryan joked.

The fine was so large because Ryan is a repeat offender. In 2010, he was fined $50,000 for giving the middle finger to some abusive Dolphins fans at an MMA event in Florida. In 2011 he was docked $75,000 for telling a heckler to "shut the fuck up" as the Jets left the field after a bad first half against New England.

Rex Ryan is a virtuoso of profanity.

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